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Report for March 2010

Edition 1

The purpose of this document is to update the community about the working, decisions and status of FAmSCo. This is also to summarise the activities around the world and to request feedback and suggestions from the community.
This document is available under Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence.

1. FAmSCo Activity
1.1. Meetings
1.2. Regional Meetings
1.3. FAmSCo Mailing List
1.4. General accomplishments or decisions
1.5. Budget
1.6. Mentoring
1.7. Regional Reports
1.7.1. APAC Report
1.7.2. EMEA Report
1.7.3. LATAM Report
1.7.4. NA Report

Chapter 1. FAmSCo Activity


This section gives some quick health indicators about how much FAmSCo is communicating. Sometimes FAmSCo members can't make a meeting due to travel or conflict, but the combination of meeting attendance plus email is a nice metric.

1.1. Meetings

FAmSCo held 4 meetings in January. Attendance was excellent:
  • 4 out of 4 -- Joerg, Susmit, David
  • 3 out of 4 -- Max
  • 2 out of 4 -- Luca, Rodrigo
  • 1 out of 4 -- Maria
So far this year, FAmSCo has held 10 meetings. Overall attendance has been:
  • 10 out of 10 -- Joerg, Susmit
  • 9 out of 10 -- David
  • 8 out of 10 -- Max
  • 7 out of 10 -- Rodrigo, Maria, Luca
This month, FAmSCo has held 2 special meetings.

1.2. Regional Meetings

One of FAmSCo's goals this year is to make sure that at least one FAmSCo member is at each regional meeting that is held. As of the time this report was prepared, 6 regional meetings held in March had been logged.
  • NA -- 2 meetings, 1 attended by Max.
  • EMEA -- 3 meetings, 2 attended by Joerg and Max.
  • APAC -- 1 meeting, with no FAmSCo members in attendance. Was followed up.
  • LATAM -- None.

1.3. FAmSCo Mailing List

FAmSCo's mailing list received 55 messages this month:
Name Number of Mails
Joerg 19
Rodrigo 9
Susmit 8
Max 7
David 6
Luca 3
Maria 2
Sankarshan 1
Table 1.1. Mailing List Stats

1.4. General accomplishments or decisions


This section discusses the non-regional achievements within either FAmSCo or the larger Ambassadors project from this month.

1.5. Budget


The FAmSCo budget rolls up into the larger Community Architecture expenses . On that page, FAmSCo's budget is represented by the "Regional support" line item.
Based on the Community Architecture expenses, FAmSCo has about $25,000 USD to spend across the world for regional Fedora support from March 2010 - May 2010.
FAmSCo is recommending earmarking the money as follows:
Region Detailed breakdown Total Budget
  • $730 -- Stickers
  • $500 -- Texas LinuxFest 2010 sponsorship
  • $325 -- Canada event box
  • $125 -- Shipping
  • $1,305 -- Support for FLISOL
  • $195 -- Swag for Mexico
  • $480 -- Support for BASIS
Table 1.2. FY11 Q1 Budget

1.6. Mentoring

Month New tickets Still under mentoring Sponsored Rejected
March 75 32 7 84
February 66 10 10 75
January 50 28 9 57
December 63 5 10 56
Table 1.3. Mentoring

  • FAMA is continually working on membership tasks. They have mailed regularly and now have 66 ambassadors from "unknown" countries instead of 92 a couple of weeks back.

1.7. Regional Reports


This section lists the events that were on the global events page as happening in each region, during this month. This section examines the end-result of each of these events, and also reports any general news for the region.

1.7.1. APAC Report

Name Owner Link Event report(s) Comments
FOSS Workshop @ MIT Meerut Ravi Dutta Sharma FOSS Workshop @ MIT Meerut Report -
Table 1.4. APAC Events

APAC Updates

  • Fedora-India will be present in, April 23-24, Jaipur.
  • FAD Pune is in planning. Tentative date is 29-30 May.

1.7.2. EMEA Report

Name Owner Link Event report(s) Comments
Open Source Days Copenhagen RobertScheck Open Source Days Copenhagen Report -
CLT JoergSimon CLT Report, Report,Report,Report,Report,Report -
Solution Linux Paris ArmelKermovant Solution Linux Paris Report -
Open Expo 2010 FabianAffolter Open Expo 2010 Report -
FAD Niederrhein SvenLankes FAD Niederrhein Report -
Open Fest Athen Kostas Antonakoglou Open Fest Athen Report, Report -
Table 1.5. EMEA Events

EMEA Updates

1.7.3. LATAM Report

Name Owner Link Event report(s) Comments
None reported
Table 1.6. LATAM Events

LATAM Updates

  • No significant update

1.7.4. NA Report

Name Owner Link Event report(s) Comments
Orange County Schools Career Fair Rob Freudenberg Orange County Schools Career Fair Report
Package Management in Fedora Adam Miller Package Management in Fedora Report
SXSW Interactive 2010 / Barcamp Austin (13th) Diana Martin SXSW Interactive 2010 / Barcamp Austin (13th) Report, Report,Report  
EdTechDay 2010 Charles Profitt EdTechDay 2010 Report
FOSE Paul Frields FOSE Report Paul was unable to attend due to business travel, but people on the ground distributed Fedora media.
Table 1.7. NA Events

NA Updates

  • Marketing FAD occurred in March - A number of action items came from this which directly affect the Ambassadors project.